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In stock
All Items shown on this page are in stock ready to ship as is.
we will ship them within 72 hours after payment has been processed
Pay pal usually clears within 24 hours
Checks mailed for payment will take about 2 weeks
To order just Click on photo and this will take you to that items page and order with out any changes.
All sale are subject to prior sale.
Should I receive two orders for the same item, the first received will be shipped and any other will be notified of a new shipping date.

Photos are links to information pages of that Item
Triwing cow   Triwing piolt
bass  goose
billy g  billy g screen
hen house  
rumble seat  pick up
Pick up is blue with Silver Trim no logo or light bar
uncle sam

toucan  cockatoo
parrot  hawk

owl  wood pecker

Post people and Critters
Some sold in sets only.

farm fullset  forest fullset

plank nutcracker  plank nutcracker 2

pilgrims   Post Nativity set

other holiday fullset

Camo set  military set

  golfer  diver frontdiver back

fire police set  western set

Holloween set

Nativity set
House hold

banana tree  

Wind chimes

flying eagle wc   Parrot wind chime  Pelican wind chime  Cockatoo wind chime  Post eagle wind chime
Owl wind chime

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