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About Us
Originally  called The Mailbox Doc
This company was originally started about 1982 as a hobby and a way to make extra money for Bill Means in North Carolina.  Bill continued to operate this business on this level through moves to Memphis, Boston and Nashville.
Bill passed away on 9-14 2005
newspaper story

                  planning cutting
Currently, it is operated by Tim and Cathy Means, in Phoenix, Arizona on a full scale basis.

Now was that 3 and11/32nds or was it 3 and 22/64ths?
old art department
      Our First finishing department  
Current Finishing Department

Founded in 1982
William G Means JR Founder

Owned and Operated by
. Timothy L and Cathy Jo Means
C.E.O Timothy L Means
C.F.O Cathy Jo Means
Research and development
 Timothy L Means
  Cathy Jo Means
Advertising director Timothy L Means
Sales director Timothy L Means
Web Master Timothy L Means
Accounting services Cathy Jo. Means
 Cathy Jo Means
Timothy L Means
Security services Timothy L Means
Customer services Timothy L Means
Maintenance services Timothy L Means
Janitorial services Timothy L Means

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